Robots Superheroes Made Out of Junk Metal

Paul Loughridge specializes in making robots and rockets from scrap metal and other junk. Pictured here is Sir Lube of Can-O-Lot, a mini-bot made from an old hydraulic pump poler, a vegetable grater for a shield, and a helmet with a hinged face guard. Loughridge also gives each of his bots a unique persona. Can-O-Lot is a modern superhero, who likes to save pretty princesses.

Maybe Sir Lube of Can-A-Lot's pretty robot princess is Daisy, a delicate damsel bot made of a a tea ball, a cookie cutter, a pewter flower vase, a vintage radio knob, and a spring-loaded daisy.


Other characters in the series include Buzz, who is made of a vintage test box, a screen door handle, and a saw blade, and Schauer, who has a lawn sprinkler for a head and dual window cranks for arms.

For the full series, check out the Lockwasher Flickr photo set. Images by Paul Loughridge

Lockwasher Design main page via Neatorama


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