Robots are stealing our womenfolk in the world's first sci-fi country music video

The Eli Young Band has have their share of country music hits, but now they're also pioneers, thanks to the music video for their new song "Say Goodnight." The band claims it's the world's first-ever sci-fi country music video — a claim they have backed up by checking on Google, making it irrefutable fact. Honestly, the video, about a woman who hits a robot with her car and falls in some kind of mild affection with it, is pleasant but banal, and the song is pretty much the same. The real entertainment happens when you go to the video's YouTube page and see all the comments by country fans who are absolutely baffled — if not a little offended — at the robot's intrusion into their country music entertainment.


[Via Country Weekly]

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EliYoungFAN32 1 week ago

I love the song guys but I HATE the stupid video. Jesus says robosexuality is a sin, y'all. Why couldn't they make the robot a pickup truck or a race car????