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The Battlestar Galactica cast and top roboticists may be gathering on Friday to explain how to cope with the show's killer robots, but there's no need to wait. How To Survive A Robot Uprising author Daniel Wilson has answers now.


Wilson did a guest-blogging spot over at BSG special effects supremo Darth Mojo's blog, and he explained exactly how to cope with a Cylon uprising, in particular:

In the world of Battlestar Galactica, human beings have sadly neglected their faithful robot servants and, as a result, have been decimated by a massive robot uprising on their homeworld of Caprica. Life must go on, however, even post-robot uprising. Therefore, in a spirit of helpfulness and support I have assembled a few key tips on surviving Cylon encounters. Enjoy, and good luck out there!


Most robots are misunderstood and do not start out as innately violent beings. Before they decide to attack, they must first judge humankind as unworthy. So, as a sentient being, try to set a good example. Don't hit your servant robot, call it names, or force it to wear silly outfits. In many ways, Cylons are like gullible, rosy-cheeked little children – except with lethal cannon-arms and cold emotionless hearts of battle-hardened steel.


If a rapidly evolving race of aggressive robotic creatures rebel and disappear into space for forty years, be sure to assign a person to follow them. This way, you can ensure that they aren't lurking in the empty wastes of the interstellar void, building a massive, glinting robot army bent on the complete eradication of humankind. Heck, go ahead and assign two people.

The best part is where he explains how to tell if you're actually a Cylon sleeper agent. (For example, if "you can't listen to Bob Dylan without wishing for more sitar.") Check it out. [Darth Mojo]

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