Robot Theme Parks Don't Need No Stinking Humans

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South Korea is spending more than $1.6 billion (!) to build not one but two robot theme parks set to open in the year 2013. They'll only be 250 miles apart from each other, so if you're in Korea you won't have far to go to visit one of these robotopias. That's some serious cash spending for robots going on, and if you thought things couldn't get much stranger, Korea is also developing a robot "Code of Ethics" to stop android abuse.


As illustrated by the photo above, the robot on the left is showing off a "not in the face!" reaction to being touched by the woman on the right, so the Korean government is in the process of drawing up this code of ethics so that one day when these androids become sentient they won't immediately wipe the human race off the face of the earth. Instead, they can head to Robo-Land.

South Korea also wants to have a robot in every home by the year 2020 (coincidentally, the year that the internet will control your whole body), which means roughly 10 million robopeeps. You can bet they'll need to blow off some steam from time to time, and thankfully the country will have two destinations for them to choose from. While it hasn't been revealed what rides will be at these parks, the dancefloor will sadly be lacking in innovation with only one dance going on. Move over Disney, there's a new kid in town... and he runs on batteries.


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