The robots are here, and they're winning your dogs' affections. Well, at least this one is. One dog owner, distraught over leaving his pup home alone every day, built a robot to keep him entertained.

Jordan Correa is a developer in the Microsoft Robotics Group, which unfortunately means he has to leave his dog Darwin home alone. So Correa did what any self-respecting roboticist would do: built his dog a robotic playmate. DarwinBot isn't autonomous, but Correa can control the robot using (what else?) an Xbox controller, and interact with Darwin via Skype. DarwinBot even allows Correa to remotely play ball and distribute treats.


In the video above, Correa describes the bot, and towards the end we get to see DarwinBot play with its namesake. It's a cool idea, but knowing my luck with the Xbox controller, I'd throw a plasma grenade when I meant to throw the tennis ball.

[via The Daily What]

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