Robot Chicken will boldly go into doing more Star Trek sketches

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Last week, Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich caused some controversy when he told io9 that the Star Trek universe was not expansive or deep enough to support its own special.


So the folks at TrekMovie decided to ask Senreich and co-creator Seth Green about this on Twitter, and Senreich responded. Senreich promised there are "plenty of Star Trek sketches coming," including a great Spock sketch. Senreich also stood by his comments, though, saying, "It's a great universe, I love it and a huge fan, but an RC special doesn't work as well."


TrekMovie also speculated that there could be a Star Trek: Voyager sketch or two coming up, since Voyager's Jeri Ryan recently said she did some voice work for Robot Chicken. And TrekMovie posted a great roundup of all the Trek sketches Robot Chicken has done so far, including the fantastic "Le Wrath di Khan" opera. Check them out at the link. [TrekMovie]

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Simon DelMonte

Star Wars = six movies. (OK, there is a lot more, but they aren't going to do any sketches based on the books, or even the Clone Wars cartoons.)

Star Trek = twelve movies, six series, and William Shatner. You could do half an hour of sketches just making fun of Shatner. (Not necessarily funny sketches, but Robot Chicken has never struck me as consistently funny.)

As a Trekkie, I would want to insist that Star Wars is just sillier and that Trek doesn't lend itself to such things. But after Star Trek V, Voyager, Enterprise, Chris Pine, Seven of Nine, and Wil Wheaton, it's clear there is enough in Trek that is either absurd or funny.

And if RC wanted to get Wheaton to reprise the role of Wesley Crusher, I can't imagine he would say no.