Robot Chicken Folks Nab The Worst Villains for New TV Show

All photos courtesy Super7
All photos courtesy Super7

Stoopid Buddy Studios, creators of Robot Chicken and the upcoming Netflix show Buddy Thunderstruck, has announced it will be adapting the villainous toy line The Worst into an animated TV show. Although, I don’t know if they’re “the worst,” those baddies actually look kind of badass.


The Worst is a line of toys from vintage toy company Super7 that were inspired by “the worst” characters in the creators’ favorite franchises (your guess is as good as mine which ones were included). From there, they created a cast of original characters who they say are the worst villains of all time, including Robot Reaper, Gas Phantom, and Batula. They’re supposed to be terrible, but they seem pretty cool to me. Dude, one of them is a literal Serpent God of Destruction. What isn’t amazing about that?! The Worst my butt.

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From the looks of things, The Worst will follow in Robot Chicken’s footsteps as a stop-motion animated show, putting the toys themselves front and center. After all, as Stoopid Buddy Stoodios co-founder John Harvatine IV put it, they’ve got some pretty great prototypes to work with.

“Being the nerds of nostalgia that we are, we were all-in as soon as we saw the art on the packaging for The Worst figures. What could be better than awesome heavy metal-inspired art with action figures that only have 5 points of articulation? Answer? A cartoon!” Harvatine said.

There’s no word yet what network this show might air on, or its release date.

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Black Falcon - Undead Warlord of Doom; Any Heavy Metal album art ever.

Robot Reaper - Robotic Harbinger of Death; ???

X-2 the Unknown - Mysterious Shadow Assassin; X the Eliminator?

Gas Phantom - Ethereal Specter of Evil; ??? 

Batula - Bat Prince of Darkness: Any Dracula parody. (Man-bat?)

Snake Tut - Serpent God of Destruction: Mumm-ra?