Robot Bartender Struggles With Asimov's Laws In This Amazing Short Film

Alex Rivera rocked our brains with Sleep Dealer, his movie about menial laborers who telecommute from Mexico. Now at last, he's made another film project: a short film called "A Robot Walks Into a Bar," as part of the FutureStates series. And we've got an exclusive first look!

Top image: The Robot (Sam Allen) pours a drink in A ROBOT WALKS INTO A BAR, Directed by Alex Rivera, part of the Final Season of FUTURESTATES.


The final season of FutureStates goes up tomorrow — these are thought-provoking stories about where our world is heading, from some of the most intriguing film-makers around.

And here's Rivera's movie in its entirety:

And here's another high-res image from "A Robot Walks Into a Bar":


The bar owner, Hal (Carlos Carrasco) talks to The Robot (Sam Allen) in A ROBOT WALKS INTO A BAR, directed by Alex Rivera, part of the Final Season of FUTURESTATES.

The other six films in the fifth and final season of FutureStates are also pretty intriguing. There are films by Tanuj Chopra, Nisha Ganatra, Tina Mabry, Trevin Matcek, Greg Pak, and Aldo Velasco. Pak's "Happy Fun Room" is truly disturbing and intense, as befitting a new film from the maker of Robot Stories (and writer of Planet Hulk.) Velasco's "Excarcerated" is a really horrifying but thought-provoking look at being out on A.I.-assisted house arrest. A lot of these films look at technology and how it's going to change our lives, along with who we are as people.


You can watch a trailer for the whole final season here.

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