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Robosapien trailer is everything that is wrong with our world

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This Robosapien trailer is a real trailer and not a Saturday Night Live sketch, despite all signs to the contrary. Producer—and heavily marketed as producer—Avi Arad's baby (one of the many faces behind the Sony-based Marvel movies), this might be the absolute worst thing we've ever seen in video trailer form. And that's before the Black Eyed Peas song starts up. Sweet Christ this is bad.


[via Bleeding Cool]

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Take away the effects, the color grading, the digital film and the Black Eyes Peas and I could swear that this trailer looked like it was made in 1995. There are so many things that are incredibly "90s kids film" about this. Whimsical music and voiceover, plucky kid (robot) outsmarting stupid evil adults, pseudo-spielbergian home scenes, gratuitous basketball scenes, and that trademarked 90s Poochie-esque "*insert something here* with an Attitude!"

I'm surprised there wasn't a shot of the robot wearing sunglasses.