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While Robocop's movie return may still be a while off, the policeman-formerly-known-as Alex Murphy will be seen again sooner than you may expect; Dynamite have announced that they're bringing the character back to comics, and back to his roots.

Originally announced in a press release earlier this week, Dynamite's new Robocop series will be an ongoing monthly comic that will, apparently,

continue to explore more of the dangers of Detroit, its citizens, and Officer Murphy's continued dealings with the scum that stalks the streets — all the while missing his human side.


Dynamite president Nick Barrucci talked to about whether we should expect something along the lines of the original movie, or the something-we'd-rather-forget Robocop 3:

[W]ithout saying too much, I will say that going to the root of a character is usually a good idea, building on that, taking away some of the layers that were built over the years – while it's the most difficult thing in the world picking and choosing what is canon and what isn't. You make decisions and hope you're right... I think that that I can come out and say that without the violence, the cutting edge shockingly violent nature of the first movie we wouldn't be talking about RoboCop. We want the first RoboCop movie [and] that's what made it so great.

The series, written by British writer Rob Williams (2000AD, Star Wars), will launch later this year.

Nick Barrucci on RoboCop & Writer Rob Williams []


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