When an intrepid visitor smuggled some shots of the concept artwork for Bionic Commando out of the bowels of one of Capcom's development pods, little did he know he'd be providing a glimpse of the future of civil service. One of the coolest pieces he smuggled out is this sketch showing two different sets of mecha-armor suits: one full of .50 caliber ammunition replenishment, and the other sporting a red cross and a massive needle. Although if you were lying prone on the battlefield in need of a kickstart, would you want someone trying to find a vein with that thing?


We love the idea of multipupose bot-like armor suits, and these perfectly juxtapose the images of life and death in war. You might have some massive bionic titans slugging it out and destroying the landscape, but these little suckers will be scurrying around everywhere, filling up guns and patching up wounds. In fact, why don't they put them to work in every facet of life? You could have a little mailman suit of armor, policemen, firemen, pizza delivery, and even Jehovah's Witnesses with backtanks full of copies of Watchtower.

New Bionic Commando Concept Art [Capcom Unity]

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