Robo-Kangaroos from the Terraformed Australian Outback

Illustration for article titled Robo-Kangaroos from the Terraformed Australian Outback

These robo-kangaroos have evolved to use language (they vocalize through the speakers near their throats), and carry tiny nuclear power generators on their backs. Plus, they've got stabilizing actuators on their legs so they can do long-distance hopping. And they look damn stylish with those fingerless gloves. So when are we going to see them in a video game?


Only Randall Whiteis can answer that question. He's the conceptual designer who sketched them, and posted them on the delectable group blog Gorilla Art Fare. Actually, I made up all that stuff about the nuclear power genterators, though. Still, these cool sketches are further proof that Australia is the world's most apocalyptic land mass due to the awesomeness of kangaroo mutants.


See more of Whiteis's work on his web site. Or check out the artist group blog where he posted these cool cyber-jumpers at Gorilla Art Fare.

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Wow. I send folks to this story a lot, but I never thought it would be relevant: