This week in Cult: Find out what's lying beneath the ice, and see two more clips from the buzz-saw face robot killer Robo Geisha.

Ever since The Thing, we've been in love with snowy monster tales. Larry Fesenden's latest flick seems like a B-horror-film delight on ice. He explained the premise to Fangoria as

The storyline centers on two very working-class families with two very different ideologies who come to this lake to ice fish. They encounter this creature, and they deal with it very differently as they get picked off one by one.


I'm in.

Stake Land

Robo Geisha Dance Off Plus New Snow Beasts To Scare You Cold

Once again, the world has been flooded with vampires and it's up to one tough stake-wearing bad-ass to kill them all off... again. You know, it's that "All the vampires in the world versus one man" kind of thing.

The new comic book series AIDAN 5 premiered online. I like the look, but I worry about the excessive use of split screen and clones (Even if I do like the idea of a clone detective). Here's the first episode on youtube, but the <a href="" new website has a slightly more fleshed out series than what you see in this youtube below.


Here's an additional look at the robot carnage promised from the deranged minds behind Tokyo Gore Police. This robot won't quit until she's released the penile-nosed lady from within to kill you all.