Robo-Bear Armed with a Canon Awaits His Perfect Shot

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An armored polar bear, living in a future where bears have been uplifted into an intelligent but militarized species, controls a massive canon with a big old lens. But even though he's waiting to make his perfect shot, he manages to fall asleep while bunnies hop around his massive, armored paw and on his giant canon.


Painted by concept artist Koshime and posted on the eye-blisteringly awesome Gorilla Art Fare blog, this is like some kind of dark cyber version of an armored bear from the His Dark Materials trilogy. Koshime (AKA Dr CM Wong) is a concept artist based in the UK, who also works as a doctor. He's interested in space medicine specifically, though we're hoping he's also working on creating giant robo-bears.

You can see more of Koshime's art here.

Easter — Shot in the Wild [Gorilla Art Fare]


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Armed, robotic, intelligent bears? Stephen Colbert is not going to be thrilled about this.