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I... I would have joked about it, but it seemed too absurd to even make fun of. But here we are, and Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller has announced in all apparent seriously that Gotham will feature Robin's ultimate origin, when his acrobat father and mother meet. I have no words.

Actually, yes I do: Gotham, you have a problem. At some point you're going to run out of Batman characters to introduce, and you're going to need to start telling decent stories with the ones you have. You obviously have that worked out for the Penguin, but do you hoenestly have any idea what you're going to do with the Riddler? Or Two-Face? Or even Bruce Wayne, for that matter? He can't stay in that one room in Wayne Manor forever, can he?!


Also, this Robin origin story is bullshit unless you show Robin's dad gently penetrating his mother, achieving orgasm, and the spermatozoa fertilizing the egg. Graphic, hardcore sexual content or it doesn't count.

[Via EW]

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