Robin Williams' Last Movie Is Finally Getting a US Release

Image: Still via Youtube.
Image: Still via Youtube.
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The bad news: the movie is actually rather terrible. The good news: Williams is probably the best thing about it.

Williams passed away in 2014; a year later, his final theatrical role hit theaters in the UK. He provided the voice of a talking dog in Terry Jones’ sci-fi romcom Absolutely Anything, in which a hapless manchild played by Simon Pegg is granted godlike alien powers for 10 days, with the way he uses them deciding the fate of Earth itself.

Sadly, the movie itself is pretty rubbish, despite the stellar cast—and despite the fun the late Williams clearly reveled in playing a food-and-sex-crazed dog. But at least fans in the US will now be able to see (or more accurately, hear) Williams’ final role for themselves when Absolutely Anything gets a limited release on May 12.



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Data Chandler

Robin Williams’ death hit me like a brick. Obviously I never met him, nor did I know him, but man, his movies were a crucial part of my childhood. So many gems in his filmography, what a shame we lost him decades too early.