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This week in the world of cartoons, everything took a week off. Ultimate Spider-Man, Transformers: Prime, Adventure Time, Regular Show and TMNT are off, while Teen Titans Go! returned for its second week. Due to this bizarre scheduling anomaly, enjoy the new TTG! clips and a look back at some old school Star Wars cartoons in honor of May the 4th!


Teen Titans Go! – "Driver's Ed"

First, I know there's a lot of negativity about this show. It features almost the same cast as the fan favorite Young Justice, but in a sitcom format with a radically different animation style. Give it a chance - there are some really talented people behind the show, and the better TTG! does, the more likely we are to see a Young Justice reboot/return in the future due to the cyclical nature of maturing audiences.


I'm off the soapbox now.

This episode kicks off with Beast Boy playing a Gradius-style NES game with a Metroid end-boss, leading to Robin hitting up every member of the Teen Titans in hopes of getting a ride around town. Robin's license is suspended after wrecking the Batmobile, with Batman's ward spending the rest of the episode with a shady fella in hopes of getting his license back.

Teen Titans Go! – "Dog Hand"

This episode stars Raven's dad Trigon, who is a demon, but doesn't appear to be all that awful. Check out this clip to see Trigon conversing with Raven's teammates in an almost Cosby-like manner.


The Ewoks – "Cries of the Trees"

As today is May the 4th, the annual Star Wars media holiday, here's a look at two classic 1980s Star Wars cartoons. The Ewoks took a look at the mystical lives of the denizens of the forest moon of Endor, but is probably best remembered for its awesome theme song, which you can hear above.


Droids – "A Race to the Finish"

Droids looked at the lives of R2-D2 and C-3PO prior to A New Hope. Anthony Daniels returned to voice C-3PO for the series, with this episode one of the more memorable ones of the limited run thanks to an appearance by Boba Fett. Enjoy May the 4th!


Top image courtesy of DC & Cartoon Network. Teen Titans Go! airs Tuesday nights and Saturdays on Cartoon Network. Ewoks and Droids aired 25+ years ago (jeez, I'm old), but some episodes are available on DVD.


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