Roberto Orci Will Make His Directing Debut With Star Trek 3

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It's been confirmed; Paramount has given the job of directing the third nu-Trek movie to suddenly single writer Roberto Orci. It will be his first time directing anything, although he did write the scripts for the first two movies with his ex-partner Alex Kurtzman.


Can he direct? Also, can he write something better than Star Trek Into Darkness? Which Orci will we be getting: The good Orci who has written all those great episodes of Sleepy Hollow and Fringe or the guy who brought us Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Cowboy & Aliens? We'll find out in the summer of 2016, I guess.

I still bet $20 that Star Trek 3 features space whales.

[Via Variety]

Image via Indiewire.

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"We always try to approach these big action movies from a place of: Could you remove the robots and the spaceships and aliens and whatever it is and take that character story and make an independent film out of that little story?" Roberto Orci told The Los Angeles Times in 2009. "If you can and then you sprinkle back in the giant robots, you have something very unique."

If this is his mindset, no wonder Transformers sucked. You can't "sprinkle" robots into a Transformers movie. THEY'RE THE FRIGGIN TITLE CHARACTERS YOU MORON.

That alone leaves me with zero expectations. Because he probably feels like "sprinkling" spaceships and aliens back into Star Trek.