The "Mexploitation" action flick โ€” which sprang from one of Grindhouse's fake trailers โ€” will get both a prequel comic and an ongoing series from IDW starting in September. Awesome. The only problem: They picked the wrong Grindhouse character.

Don't get me wrong: If the comic โ€” cowritten by Rodriguez and Aaron Kaufman, with art by Stuart Sayger โ€” is half as pulptastic as the movie looks like it'll be, Machete will be a hoot:


But of all the characters that graced the screen in the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez double-barrel double feature, the one I want more of is El Wray, Planet Terror's taciturn, knife-wielding bad-ass played by Freddy Rodriguez. He had a whole lot of Snake Plissken going on โ€” what with the mysterious backstory, the gravelly voice, and the predilection for big guns โ€” and he's the dude I'd like to read an ongoing comic about.

(Via Robot 6)