Move over, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and pass the hot sauce — Robert Rodriguez's Blood on the Salsa! is all about a flock of deadly tacos that attack hipsters foodies!


While we suspect that Rodriguez is just winding us up, we still kind of adore the idea. It smacks of old schlocky horror with heaps of dramatic screams and flocks of flying tacos! Watch the full clip to get an idea of what the man is talking about. Will Blood on the Salsa ever happen? Probably not. But just think of the delicious taco truck marketing ideas! Plus tacos kind of have the perfect shape to be weaponized, out of all the popular food out there right now.

Watch the full interview at Mu2. We can't find any other mention of the film, so we assume it's all a big joke. But we encourage the director to add this horror/comedy to his long list of "in the pipeline" projects. [via Blastr]

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