Robert Downey Jr. Will Be Your Huckleberry

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Robert Downey Jr. will save the world from an evil race of settler aliens as crack-shot gunslinger Zeke Jackson in the movie Cowboys & Aliens. Giving the humans a taste of their own wild, wild West medicine, a powerful group of aliens lands on Earth and proceed to steal our land and murder our people. Click through to find out more.


Robert Downey Jr., Tombstone-esque gunfights, and aliens? Sounds like a dream com true.Cowboys & Alienswill force humans to ban together (even though they were in the midst of an all out war) to fight against a common enemy, their alien invaders.

The current writing team on Cowboys, Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergu, also lent their pens to Iron Man. So at least they are aware of the back and forth quip that RDJ is capable of. The movie also has an extensive list of Hollywood names attached as producers including Roberto Orci, Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard.


The graphic novel by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley is also available online at Drunk Duck. (And Van Lente is the genius writer behind such awesome works as Action Philosophers (a comic book anthology dramatizing the lives of Socrates and Kant), Supervillain Team-Up and the current Incredible Hercules, which he's co-writing with Greg Pak.) The movie has high hopes for a 2010 release.

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DISCUSSION Mebbe some banged together pot metal armor like Ned Kelly.

@Belabras: "I'm not exactly a discerning customer. Who else do they think is the audience for this?"

We are legion and Hollywood knows it.