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We can't wait to see RDJ don a cowboy hat and shoot up some aliens in his next Jon Favreau flick, Cowboys And Aliens. And it sound like we won't have to wait much longer: Production starts this summer.

The Daily Beast is reporting that Jon Favreau and RDJ will be reuniting in July to start filming the film based on the comic Cowboys And Aliens, written by Action Philosphers mastermind Fred Van Lente. The script is from Star Trek and Transformers scribes, Orci and Kurtzman, so expect a lot of action, humor, and bold acts of heroism, which is exactly how we like our Downey. Plus, the whole thing will be in 3D, which The Beast claims is due to the Avatar effect.


It's not that surprising that this is happening so fast. RDJ has said himself that he's a happy little workhorse, he piled on the film projects last year, so we can believe that he's anxious to start another movie. But it does put him on a super tight schedule, what with the Iron Man 2 release and press tour. Plus maybe they want to get a jump on all the other alien films coming out in late 2010 and 2011, such as Battle for LA and Battleship.

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