Robert Downey Jr. Is Calling Who Daddy in Iron Man 2?

If rumors are to be believed, Tony Stark's dad is just one of three very familiar faces we'll see in 2010's sequel to this summer's Iron Man - and there's some interesting casting involved, too.

Latino Review is reporting that Tim Robbins will play Howard Stark, Tony's genius inventor father, in flashback scenes for the second Iron movie that will set up both the Captain America and Avengers movies (I know that they'll most likely be scenes where Stark invents Cap's Super Soldier formula, but I'd much rather see him say "I've got it! We can freeze him in ice at the end of the Cap film and then start Avengers with him being discovered!" just for the meta-value of it all).


Perhaps more unexpectedly, they're also claiming that former-villains-turned-Avengers Hawkeye and the Black Widow will have large roles to play in the sequel; if true, then we may have found our nemeses for Tony to deal with - and then rehabilitate in time for the Avengers movie, perhaps - this time around.

Exclusive Scoop: The Player May Join Stark Industries [Latino Review]

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