Robert Downey Jr: "Avengers 2 Has The Best Bad Guy Plot I've Ever Read"

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We got up close and super personal with the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron and attempted to ask them questions that would reveal the inner soul of this apocalyptic action movie. And they struggled to answer everything, because spoilers. But Robert Downey Jr. still knows how to work a crowd.

Robert Downey Jr.

How do you keep yourself interested in playing Iron Man seeing as you've played him so many times before?

Robert Downey Jr.: Well, tell me if you relate to this: I think we're responsible for entertaining ourselves in life. And Tony is kind of this cornucopia. There's always another angle on him.

How is Tony Stark as a boss?

If you're living rent-free in an $8-billion tower in New York, how bad can that be? Until he starts messing it up.


How high are the stakes in this movie?

These are about as high as they've been. But the nice thing in Age of Ultron, what Joss Whedon has done exceptionally well — I've never really seen it done like this before — [is that this movie] really is a Swiss Watch of character and action and stakes. It's easily the best bad guy plot I've ever read in a script, let alone gone out and shot.

Tony had a lot of issues in Iron Man 3. Where do we find him in the beginning of the Avengers 2?

Tony is kind of OK. They're wrapping up some old business and it seems like everything is fine. The problem is, it's always that thing where Tony says, "I have a really good idea."


What's Tony's relationship like with Vision?

All I can think about is Paul Bettany. I could go out to dinner every night with Paul Bettany for the rest of my life. He is the most charming, funny, cool guy in the world. And his relationship to Vision, I can't really disclose too much. But I want to say that the way that Vision occurs is absolutely astonishing. And what I saw, because I was in close proximity to Bettany, everybody feels like they have a sense of him from playing JARVIS, and Vision isn't JARVIS. When you see what Bettany does with Vision, I think you're going to really dig it.


Letting AI in the world, how do you think that would really play out?

Well, it could be the Singularity or it could be Terminator 9. It's a big question mark. And fortunately that's addressed in this. All your questions about existence will be addressed.


Edit Note: I'M "double mic."

Chris Evans

What's it about Captain America that, as an actor, you find compelling and continue to find compelling?


Chris Evans: Well he's a tough character to play. He's what you would hope to be as a man. He's the kind of guy that you kind of aspire to be. Luckily Joss and the Russos and Marvel always try and give him challenges so he doesn't end up just being vanilla.

Captain America 3 is opening the same weekend as Batman V. Superman. Does that put a lot of pressure on you to carry the next movie?


There's pressure regardless of what you're opening against. Whether you're opening against nobody, there's always pressure to make sure your movie is well received and quality.

Is Captain America taking more of a leadership role in Avengers?

This is so tough. You're going to have to see it. How about that?

Now that Cap is kind of disillusioned with SHIELD, where are we going to find him in Avengers 2?


He's a soldier by nature so he's obviously used to a format that is one that is kind of a chain of command. And since there is no SHIELD and we're all kind of leaning on each other as a team. It's a little bit of a foreign dynamic for him. God, it's so tough making a Marvel movie doing press. What can you say?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen

Aaron did you see Quicksilver in X-Men?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: I haven't seen that yet, no. I never really focused in on that it's so different. It's set in a different era, I think it's set in the '70s. I feel like, they don't have Scarlet Witch and I think without Scarlet Witch, there's no contrast to show what Quicksilver is like. We really play Pietro and Wanda.


Elizabeth Olsen: The yin and the yang.

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quicksilver and scarlet are bad casts (scarlet especially!!) xmen days of future past quicksilver was soooo good!!

and how does marvel's A2 expect to explain the two WITHOUT magneto?? geeez