Robert Charles Wilson's Spin Could Be Your Next Favorite TV Series

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This is great news. Robert Charles Wilson's mind-blowing, Hugo Award winning novel Spin just got optioned by Universal Cable Productions. Which means we may be due for a Spin TV series sometime soon.


The premise isn't simple, but it's fascianting. Think an infinitely more interesting Under the Dome. Out of nowhere, the Earth is surrounded by a opaque, black membrane. This membrane slows down time on Earth so that 3.7 years pass outside the membrane to every second inside the membrane. There is a simulated sun on the membrane that allows life to continue in a fairly normal way, apart from the speed of time outside. Which also means that it's speeding up the Earth's eventual demise when the sun expands and destroys all life on our planet. So that's the bad news. The membrane is eventually dubbed the "spin." And the protagonists are hellbent on stopping the speeded-up cycle.


THR is reporting that "Rob Morrow (Northern Exposure, Quiz Show) and Leslie Urdang (Beginners, Rabbit Hole) will produce Spin. And they both get a big thumbs up from us for seeing the potential in this book as a series. A network is not currently attached, but we bet Syfy is going to want to have a look at this one. Fingers crossed.

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Mike Stevens

I absolutely adore this book, but gee I reckon it'd be a tough one to translate to the screen. I imagine there'd be a lot of chopping done to the story.