Robert Carlyle Joins Stargate Universe Crew

The producers of Stargate Universe have cast themselves a doctor. Robert Carlyle is joining the SGU team as Dr. David Rush, but this famous actor isn't the boss of the crew, just yet.

Carlyle best known for his work as the scary dad in 28 Weeks Later and in Trainspotting. He's one of those actors who's kinetically watchable in anything he does.


Dr. David Rush was not a part of the cast lineup that has been announced so far, but the studio is indeed calling him the star and implying that this is a lead role. I wonder if the role of Colonel Everett Young, the 40-something leader and Stargate alum trapped aboard the ancient ship destiny with a much younger crew, will now be rewritten. Can you have two leaders?

But Gateworld is assuming the two will share screen time, since they were privy to audition scripts that had Rush and Young fighting over who would be in charge.

Bottom line: getting Carlyle is an incredible win for the new Stargate spinoff, and I'm excited to see if this opens the door for other great actors. There need to be more Robert Picardos on this series.



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