Rob Lowe Stars In "Witty" British Miniseries About A Comet Apocalypse

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The apocalypse shows no sign of loosening its grip on mass media. The next end of the world: an eight-mile-wide comet strikes Earth and wipes out all life. But first, a group of surviving humans huddle beneath the English town of Slough and waits for the end, including Rob Lowe.


Lowe will cross the pond to star in Apocalypse Slough, a British series being made for British satellite channel Sky One. Lowe plays Father Jude, and according to Deadline, Father Jude "holds the position of Devil's Advocate in the Vatican. He is a charismatic, irreverent, rebellious but also deeply moral man who is passionate about his faith but doesn't feel the need to constantly prove it. The news of the impending apocalypse brings him the greatest challenge of his life — one that will shake his faith, force him to question his vows, and bring him face-to-face with his past."

This miniseries is described as both "adrenaline-fueled" and "witty," and it's directed by Michael Engler (30 Rock) and written by Iain Hollands (Beaver Falls). We'll let you know if it gets a U.S. airing. [Deadline]

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Quint forever grey

for anyone who's been is Slough for more and a week the apocalypse will be a walk in the park.