Columbia's live-action adaptation of the Garth Ennis' The Boys is getting quite the rep. First Nightmare's Sam Bayer wants the director gig, and now Rob Corddry wants in. In truth Corddry would make an awesome cokehead/dick superhero.


If adapted correctly, The Boys could be our answer to shitty "superheroes gone bad" films. Created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys makes his profane epic Preacher look tame. Seriously, you thought Hancock's super-semen deleted scene was graphic, wait until you see the superpowered blowjob parties these super-tools throw. In Ennis' alternate world, a few individuals have superpowers and become money-hungry, d-bag superheroes. "The Boys" are a CIA-started special squad that keeps all these supers in line, the only way they know how — with a ton of violence.

Hot Tub Time Machine star Rob Corddry mentioned that he'd read the movie script and would love to have a part in this ultra-graphic live action adaptation during an interview with The Flick Cast:

TF: If there was one project that you wish you could do, moving forward, what would it be?

RC: I want to play a rock star, though I think I'm getting too old for that. I want to play a baseball player, and I want to play a super hero. I probably won't get the chance to do any of that, except for the baseball player. I have a baseball player's body. I just read a script based on a comic book called The Boys, which is great, and I just loved it.

I'm sure there are plenty of parts in there for 30-40 aged males, so hopefully there will be something.


Honestly, he'd fit right in — his in-your-face humor would work really well as a jack-ass hero. For now, it sounds like the script is still just being passed around Hollywood. Still, this film deserves to be made — with an R rating, of course

Art by Darick Robertson.