Roar Into the Weekend With a Dragon-Themed Gif Party

Who’s better than Toothless? NO ONE.
Gif: DreamWorks

Your eyes don’t deceive you. It is actually Friday. It’s been a long, long week but it’s finally time to party. To gif party.


One of the best things to happen this week was our first look at the new Disney animated film Raya and the Last Dragon, which comes out next year and looks super badass. Watch the trailer here.

And though that trailer has a distinct lack of dragons in it (it’s just a teaser after all), pop culture does not. Pop culture has a lot of dragons. How to Train them, Slay them, Master them, Reign them, Ball Z them, you name it. And so, that’s our gif party theme. Dragons.

Remember when this show was good?
Gif: HBO

Post all your dragons below. Flying, fire-breathing, dancing, whatever you got. It’s a gif party, get dragon with it...I don’t know what that means.

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