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Roadside Lightsaber Draws Attention of Bomb Disposal Operator

Illustration for article titled Roadside Lightsaber Draws Attention of Bomb Disposal Operator

An unidentified object spotted on the side of a road in Mendenhall Valley, Alaska was reported to police as a suspicious device earlier this week. Things escalated pretty quickly from there.


Above: A sketch of a Sith lightsaber, via The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force

Here's Emily Russo Miller, reporting for the Juneau Empire:

The report on Tuesday afternoon prompted a police officer to respond to Threadneedle Street to check it out — he didn't know what it was, either. Police then dispatched an officer who specializes Explosive Ordnance Disposal to investigate. The officer didn't have to use the force to realize what it was: a plastic Star Wars lightsaber toy.

"It was not explosive in any way," Juneau Police Department spokeswoman Erann Kalwara said.


A lost lightsaber, you say? This is starting to sound strangely familiar. Did anybody look to see if there was a severed hand nearby?

H/t Karen!

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This is one of 40 pipe bombs found last year in New York.

I can understand why the police would be cautious.