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Riverworld: Where You Can Fuck Mark Twain If You Want To

Illustration for article titled Riverworld: Where You Can Fuck Mark Twain If You Want To

Who knew there was this much raunch in Syfy's adaptation of Philip José Farmer's Riverworld books? Tahmoh Penikett is naked/in bondage, while another character practices Kama Sutra on Mark Twain's steamboat. This weekend's Riverworld promises to be quite the experience.

Illustration for article titled Riverworld: Where You Can Fuck Mark Twain If You Want To

This Sunday at 7 PM, Syfy is running a four-hour long block of Riverworld. It seems like the movie was supposed to be a TV miniseries, but now it's all being run on the same day. Even though news like that doesn't usually bode well, we're still excited. Mainly because we've been waiting for this movie to air on Syfy, ever since Tahmoh Penikett talked up his nude scenes.


Riverworld follows Penikett after his death and later resurrection on the banks of a giant, world-spanning river. His fiancee also died and is somewhere in this strange land, or at least he assumes so. And Tahmoh will stop at nothing to find her — including enlisting the help of a Samurai and Mark Twain. Here's the official synopsis:

When American war zone journalist Matt Ellman (Tahmoh Penikett, Battlestar Galactica) and his fiancée, Jessie Machalan (Laura Vandervoort, Smallville), are killed in an explosion, Matt awakens, separated from Jessie, on the banks of a river snaking endlessly across a mysterious new plane of existence. On Riverworld, everyone who has ever lived on Earth, every soul throughout time, has been reborn along the banks of a seemingly endless river. Determined to locate Jessie, Matt aligns with Tomoe (Jeananne Goossen, Falcon Beach) , a 13th century female warrior, Allegra (Romina D'Ugo, Hairspray), a 15th century courtesan of shifting alliances, and American novelist and Riverboat captain Samuel Clemens (Mark Deklin, Justice), better known as Mark Twain. With a full crew of adventurers, they embark upriver to understand where they are, why they are here, and to what unknowable end the river winds.

Under the guidance of the peculiar Caretaker (Alan Cumming, Tin Man), their quest takes them below to a torturous Cavern of Souls and the Underworld prison, above in a Zeppelin piloted by a brilliant German engineer, and forward to cross paths with renowned explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton (Peter Wingdfield, 24) who has joined forces with Francisco Pizzaro to conquer and destroy Riverworld. For Matt, each unfathomable day, each nefarious encounter, only deepens the conundrum of Riverworld and raises more questions…What happened to Earth and when? What is the purpose of the burning Orb? What powers are contained in the infamous Dark Tower? And why is their every move being followed by the watchful eye of an alien being? The answers are waiting beyond the endless swells of Riverworld.

"Charting a territory somewhere between Gulliver's Travels and The Lord of the Rings" (Time), Philip Jose Farmer's Nebula Award-winning saga becomes a spectacular miniseries event-a feast for the eyes, the mind, and the heart of everyone who longs to explore the meaning of life, the mysteries of death, and everything that lies between.

There are tons of clips and trailers scattered throughout the internet. None of them are massively spoilery, except the very last trailer, which gives away a few things.






Spoilery Trailer:

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Josh Wimmer

Meredith! That headline is totally inappropriate.

It should be "Where You Can Fuck Samuel Langhorne Clemens If You Want To." Come on.