Riverdale's Season 5 Trailer Welcomes the End of High School, Among Other Things

Enjoy prom... while it lasts.
Enjoy prom... while it lasts.
Screenshot: CW

It’s funny: Graduation usually doesn’t involve people in masks committing (presumably) fake murders on camera. But then again, that’s another normal high school day in Riverdale. In a new trailer for the first few episodes of Riverdale season five, Archie and his gang prepare for life beyond high school—or perhaps beyond the grave.


The CW has released the first teaser trailer for Riverdale season five, which sees our favorite sleuths, boxers, gang leaders, amateur ticklers, and serial killer gene-having teenagers getting ready to graduate high school. But as we see in this trailer, there’s a lot more at stake than finding the right outfit for prom and seeing whether you made valedictorian (or, in Veronica’s case, the perfect Cosmopolitan).

Season five is poised to finally push Archie and his friends into adulthood, with the post-graduation episodes featuring a time jump that sees the characters at college—or doing something else, maybe more murders. The upcoming graduation episodes were supposed to happen in season four, but the novel coronavirus pandemic delayed filming so the episodes were moved into the upcoming season instead.

Riverdale returns with season five on January 20.

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