River Tam and the Firefly gang get a mod musical makeover

Remember Gallery 1988's gee-whiz Crazy 4 Cult show we mentioned yesterday? Here's a doozy from this year's show — the retro vinyl LP "Serenity" by River Tam and the Fireflies. Note: it's a Serenity-centric album, so there's no Jayne's Song.


Artist Joe Spiotto drew inspiration from old children's LPs for this piece. He'll be selling prints of the cover eventually at his Etsy store, but he notes that there's a musical surprise for whomever buys it in person:

Since the soundtrack to Serenity wasn't actually released on vinyl, this record contains something special for whoever decides to purchase the full item from the gallery.

Stellar work, Joe!

[Joe Spiotto via Super Punch]


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