River Song has become a bit of a controversial figure on Doctor Who—even the fans who like her aren’t sure they want her to return to the show. But while River isn’t back on the TV show for now, she is making the leap to Doctor Who audio plays. And this time, she gets to have adventures with classic Doctors.

Big Finish, who have been making Doctor Who audio dramas for nearly 2 decades, have previously only been allowed to use material from the “Classic” period of the show—Doctors, monsters, story elements and other characters have been strictly off-limits. But now that’s all changing, with the announcement of four new box sets combining elements of Classic Doctor Who with creations from the show’s Post-2005 era. First up is Doom Coalition 2, which will see Eighth Doctor Paul McGann and his current companions Liv and Helen team up with Alex Kingston’s time-hopping archaeologist. River herself will return in 2016 for her own four part series called The River Song Diaries, also featuring the Eighth Doctor.


But that’s not all. Also unveiled were The Churchill Years, starring Ian McNeice as the titular British Prime Minister (the role he played in Victory of the Daleks and beyond on the show), recalling adventures past with The Doctor, and most interestingly, Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters, which will see four past Doctors do battle with aliens from the revived era of the show: the Fifth Doctor will face the Weeping Angels, the Sixth the Judoon (from Smith and Jones, the Seventh the Sycorax (The Christmas Invasion), and finally the Eighth will face a faction of Sontarans “at the edge of the Time War”. That’s certainly quite a bizarre mashup of old and new.

It’s nice to finally see Big Finish be allowed to tackle, and combine, both sides of the show, but let’s be honest: we started with Kate Stewart and UNIT. Then we got John Barrowman and Torchwood. Now this—when are Big Finish going to stop teasing us and announce they’re doing audio plays with the 9th, 10th, or 11th Doctors? Let’s hope the answer is “soon!”

[Via Doctor Who News]


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