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River and the Doctor's date goes awry in Neil Gaiman's minisode

River and the Doctor are in danger of being sacrificed to the rain gods in this Neil Gaiman-scripted Doctor Who minisode. Naturally the Doctor has an escape plan—though it's not necessarily an elegant one.


Over on his Tumblr, Gaiman explains that this started as a deleted sequence from the episode "The Doctor's Wife," and was then drawn by Mark Buckingham as a three-page comic. Gaiman then rewrote the scene as a minisode, titled "Rain Gods," featuring River and the Doctor for the Series 7 box set.

Edit: A couple of folks have noted that the credits say "by Steven Moffat." On Tumblr, Gaiman says that credit is erroneous.


Rain Gods… [Neil Gaiman via Bleeding Cool]

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John Hazard

Wow- an episode that blatantly sums up what I dislike about the Moffat/Smith Doctor: all talk, no plan. All he has is luck and sentimentality. He defeated a monster with stories! That's not cool, it's stupid. The show needs a smarter show-runner. Also I never bought the chemistry between man-child Smith and River, and the very idea of The Doctor being sexual and having physical relationships with companions makes him less interesting and more like every other TV character. The old Doctors never even thought of such things, and some of the companions had a hard time of that, which was a much more interesting dynamic.