RIPD is an adequate movie you should absolutely not see in theaters

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R.I.P.D. is many things: inoffensive, inconsequential, mildly entertaining, a by-the-numbers knock-off of Men in Black, and an unofficial sequel to True Grit. What is it not, though, is a movie you should pay any money to see.


If there was ever a movie that was born to be viewed on Netflix Instant — probably late at night, when you’re bored and or drunk, and you don’t want to watch anything that may actually engage your brain — R.I.P.D. is that movie. It’s a got some decent action and a few laughs and Jeff Bridges playing a delightfully insane Wild West lawman is pretty fun, and that is, in all honesty, all it has to offer. Now, that’s enough if you’re watching it on your couch at home, able to pause and take bathroom breaks, and get yourself a beer or two (or several). But it’s not worth driving out to a theater to see, let alone paying $10+ for.

And don’t feel bad about that. R.I.P.D. is almost supernaturally mediocre. when I say it's like a Men in Black rip-off, I mean almost note for note — literally, actually, because even the music sounds like a knock-off of the Men in Black score. It goes through the same routine — guy joins supernatural law enforcement, is boggled, gets mismatched older partner, fights bad guys that look like monsters, discovers larger conspiracy, big action scene at the end, partners have new appreciation for each other. R.I.P.D. crams all this into 96 minutes — which I'm not complaining about, this movie didn't deserve to be a minute longer — so it fails to rip off MiB's sense of depth, not that MiB had a ton of depth to begin with.

Honestly, R.I.P.D. feels like a airplane movie — one that's been edited down to appeal to every single person who steps on the plane, one that is designed to be as inoffensive and unchallenging and safe as possible. You can knock the movie for being bad, but it's so mild that there's just no point. Hating it would require more effort than the people who made it gave, and that's an immense waste of everybody's time.

So, yeah. If you have 90+ minutes to kill — at home, or perhaps on an airplane, or maybe you just need to get out of the heat and be in an air-conditioned building for a bit — R.I.P.D. is definitely an option that you probably won't necessarily regret. I still think a drink would help, though.



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