Earlier this week, one of the best websites for the science fiction and fantasy community announced that they were shutting down: SF Signal.

Founded by John DeNardo and JP Frantz in 2003, the website has been updated daily ever since, posting thousands of reviews for books, comics and movies, while also providing an indispensable morning briefing post on articles, reviews and news from the fan community. Along the way, they earned two Hugo Awards for Best Fanzine, and another for Best Fancast.

It was a very hard decision to make, but we have decided to close down SF Signal. The reason is boringly simple: time. As the blog has grown, so has its demands for our attention. That is time we would rather spend with our families. We considered scaling back posts, but it felt like SF Signal would only be a shadow of its former self. So yes, it feels sudden, but a “cold turkey” exit seems like the right thing to do.


The site relied on hundreds of contributors over the years - myself included - to provide reviews, guest articles, mind melds, and massive book porn posts of every single science fiction, fantasy and horror comic or novel coming out on a monthly basis.

DeNardo and Frantz are currently working out a hosting option for the site so that its archives will remain online. Their efforts will be missed in the years to come.


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