RIP Henry Cavill's Mustache, 2017—2018

“You didn’t bring me back because you liked my mustache...”
“You didn’t bring me back because you liked my mustache...”
Image: Justice League (Warner Bros.)

A moment of silence, please. The world has lost a titan today: the most contentious piece of facial hair in moviemaking history. The mustache that caused Justice League to turn Henry Cavill’s face into a CG-shaved, one-way ticket to the uncanniest of valleys, is no more.


Cavill marked the shaving of his mustache—known for its supporting role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible—Fallout, as well as its computer-enhanced removal from Justice League’s extensive reshoots—with a touching tribute video shared to his Instagram.

Rest in peace, noble mustache. We will forever remember what you might have brought to the team up of DC’s finest heroes.

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Gotta say I’m a big fan of whichever college-age unpaid intern he has working his social media and PR, that was pretty funny