Ring out the last comic Wednesday of 2010 with Batman and Buffy

It's the final new comics day of the year, but 2010's saved some goodies for last. There's new Hellboy from Mike Mignola, bad superhero antics from Ed Brubaker, and plenty more for a smashing time this Auld Lang Syne.

In the new miniseries Hellboy The Sleeping And The Dead (Dark Horse), Big Red investigates a vampire problem — other fangcentric titles include a new issue of True Blood (IDW) and the oversized hardcover trade Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales (Dark Horse), which scours the whole of human history for stories of the ancient rivalry between Slayers and vamps. The artwork's by such luminaries as Leinil Francis Yu and Becky Cloonan, and the book collects some rare Slayer tales.


For more fledermaus fables, there's David Finch's new Bruce Wayne-focused series The Dark Knight and the latest issue of Scott Snyder and Jock's Dick Grayson title Detective Comics (DC). And if old-school mutants are your fancy, 1980s X-scribes Chris Claremont & Louise Simonson tackle Chaos War: X-Men (Marvel), a miniseries about a whole bunch of dead villains, and Warren Ellis helms an issue of Astonishing X-Men, which includes a throwback villain to early 80s Captain Britain stories.

For the dark history of the Marvel Universe, it's worth checking out Jonathan Hickman's most recent issue of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the 200th ever issue of What If, which features a story by Stan Lee reimagining The Coming of Galactus. For grimy comic crime drama, there's the second issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Incognito: Bad Influences (left), a prequel to Red by series artist Cully Hamner (Red: Eyes Only, DC), and the final issue of Mark Millar & McNiven's coming-soon-to-a-theater-near-you socipathic superhero series Nemesis.


As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. To you and yours, Happy New Year's from Comics We Crave. May 2011 be filled with same joys as 2010; that is, cyborgs, dragons, and metal bodysuits.


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