A little over a week before the election, an astonishing work of near-future science fiction started circulating on the internet. Called "Letter from Obama's America," it's an epistolary short story written by a person living in 2012 and suffering under the horrors of the Obama Regime. Pornography is proudly displayed in gas stations, and private ownership of guns has been outlawed. Filled with political anguish, "Letter" is the first work of protest scifi to come out of the new America that got voted into reality last night. And it turns out the author of this anonymous work is poised to affect US politics. As Associated Content revealed, the author is none other than socially-conservative group Focus on the Family, a very influential activist organization that pushes for traditional marriage and against issues like gay rights and abortion for women. Most of their scifi tale is focused on these social issues, detailing the way Obama's agenda has turned the nation pro-gay and anti-Christian. Associated Content summarizes the "Letter" scenario:

Under an Obama Presidency, homosexuality will be legalized as a constitutional right, the Boy Scouts will disband when they refuse to let homosexual tent masters sleep in young boy's tents, the far Left will control the Supreme Court, a few U.S. cities will be attacked by terrorists and Israel will be nuked, Russia will invade Europe, and the Bible will be classified as hate speech.


Interestingly, it's already looking very unlikely that the Obama Regime will usher in an era of gay supremacy. Several states passed laws banning gay marriage last night, and Arkansas banned gay couples from adopting children. Still, "Letter" makes one thing clear: One of the most potent weapons that any political advocacy organization has is science fiction. As conservatives try to re-imagine themselves over the next few years, I think we can expect to see a lot of creative and intriguing right-wing scifi protest literature. "Letter from Obama's America" [PDF]

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