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Riggins Almost Missed Out On Gambit Because He Was Tired?

Illustration for article titled Riggins Almost Missed Out On Gambit Because He Was iTired/i?

Yet another reason to worry about X-Men: Origins: Wolverine. Taylor Kitsch, who plays Gambit, phoned in his first audition for the role.


Kitsch revealed in an interview that he had to go back and beg for another try at the Gambit character, after he sleep-walked through the first one. According to New York Magazine:

It was a fucking battle,” he says of landing ladies’ man–mutant Gambit. He flubbed his first reading because he was tired. “But I got my managers to get me back in because I knew I could crush the role.”


It's time to take a page from Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman, who I don't think have ever been tired in their lives. Still, Kitsch seems like a good fit for the part, so I'm glad the TV actor was able to rouse himself to try again.

But we still need to ask, why is Gambit in this movie again? And also, can we please make him more of a bad guy? Kitsch can pull from his role as walking sex stick from Friday Night Lights. Good luck buddy, hopefully you'll get a Gambit series spin off on Fox so I can watch you seduce mutant women on my weeknights. [via Filmonic]

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As much as Gambit is my favorite character, i'm kind of disappointed that when he finally does show up, it's 1) only a small part, 2) he's a minor player in a Wolverine film, & 3) that he's being played by this guy. If it wasn't for Gambit showing up in this film i would pass up on it entirely.