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Ridley Scott's Prometheus Sequel Gets Another Name Change

Illustration for article titled Ridley Scotts iPrometheus /iSequel Gets iAnother /iName Change

First it was Prometheus 2, and then Alien: Paradise Lost. Now, Ridley Scott’s followup to Prometheus apparently has a new name: Alien: Covenant.


Cinema Blend speculates a bit on what the name change means for the story of the film:

Prometheus is, of course, a reference to the legend of how a man “stole” fire from the gods for all of humanity, and as such was punished eternally for doing so. Alien: Paradise Lost is a direct cribbing of the title to John Milton’s epic poem dealing with the biblical subjects of original sin and the “fall of man,” again very much along the same lines as the first film’s title. What Alien: Covenant adds to the picture is the fact that throughout several religions, there is a covenant, or in simpler terms an “agreement,” between humanity and God.


The site also indicates that the movie is on track for production to begin in February. Let’s see if the name sticks.

[Cinema Blend]

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Do we know if they have an actual plot to go along with all these titles?