Ridley Scott's Moses Movie Might Be 3 Hours And 20 Minutes Long

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After we saw 40 minutes of Ridley Scott's epic Moses movie Exodus, we left the theater with the sinking feeling that we'd yet to even scratch the surface on this filmic tome. It seems we were right, because rumor has it that this movie is going to be long as hell.

According to IMDB (via Cinemablend), Exodus, starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver, will run 3 hours and 20 minutes, which is very, very long and kind of nutty. However, the preview that we say was such a Hollywood blockbuster-type production that it kind of makes sense.

That being said, IMDB is super unreliable so this could be nothing. Plus, the movie isn't premiering until December, which means anything is possible. It is funny that this super-long movie is pretty much a plot that we're all fairly familiar with. Spoiler Alert: Pharaoh lets his people go. But there's also fire tornadoes involved, so it'll be fine holiday fun for all.

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3 hours and 20 minutes sounds like a trainwreck. Unless this done-to-death Bible story is entertaining as hell there's no way it becomes a success at the B.O.

I predict a final edit of 2 hours and 30 minutes, tops.