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Ridley Scott's Halo Project Gets A Battlestar Galactica Director

Illustration for article titled Ridley Scotts emHalo/em Project Gets A emBattlestar Galactica/em Director

Good news, Halo lovers — you're finally getting your long-awaited live-action video game adaptation, and it's being directed Battlestar Galactica director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.


TheWrap is reporting that the Ridley Scott-backed, live-action Halo adaptation is rocketing forward. Mind you, this is completely different from the TV series Halo that Steven Spielberg wants to make for Xbox One.


Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring is in line to write the series, but this story about a super soldier fighting in the 26th century will NOT follow Master Chief.

The Wrap says this adpation will be similar to Machinima's Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. This digital-only series is expected to debut before the end of the year, and there should be a big announcement at E3 in June. Mimica-Gezzan has worked on Minority Report and A.I., but found a big following directing episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

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So, I'm sorry, but I'm way confused. There's a TV show produced by Spielberg and another one produced by Scott? Or is one a film? Or am I completely missing something obvious?