Ridley Scott's Been Scaring the Hell Out of Actors for Years

If you’ve ever wondered why the performances of terror in the first Alien movie feel so real, here’s your answer: the actors had no idea what the hell was about to happen in Alien’s infamous chestburster scene.


A video produced by Vulture recounts how director Ridley Scott kept Sigourney Weaver, Yaphet Kotto, and other Alien actors in the dark about the fact a baby Xenomorph was going to burst through John Hurt’s chest. Scott’s logic was that the best way to get across a feeling of authentic fear was to freak out the film’s players.


It’s an idea he returned to for Prometheus, where he frightened the crew members with a similar trick that had a creature flying out of a character’s mouth. So, if you’re an actor signing on to a Ridley Scott project, just know you might be screaming your head off in pure terror on any given day. Thanks, Ridley.

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I don’t get this. io9 loves some directors and and actors doing dumb method shit for scenes, but if its suicide squad its the end of the world. And I didn’t even like that movie, but what is different about Ridley Scott doing this and Ayer doing whatever the hell stupid shit he did? The fact that Alien is cool and Suicide Squad isn’t? Sorry, to me that is lame as hell reasoning.

Sidenote - what responsibility does Stanley Kubrick bear for Shelley Longs current mental state? He spent a year destroying her soul. Either hate all method shit for being dumb, or stop selectively hating directors and actors for it.