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Ridley Scott will remake disaster mockumentary The Day Britain Stopped

Ridley Scott is lining up yet another project we'll be eagerly anticipating for years to come (along with The Forever War movie and the Blade Runner sequel). Scott and producing partner Steve Zaillian have nabbed the movie rights to the BBC mockumentary The Day Britain Stopped.


The TV film originally aired in 2003 and was centered around a fictional UK transit disaster complete with fake archive footage, eyewitness accounts and narrator. No doubt this recent purchase had to of been inspired by the insane traffic London is experiencing from the Olympics. We've embedded the entire TV movie above, it's a pretty good watch. However Ridley's version of this movie is said to be merely inspired by the TV movie — but we certainly hope he keeps the documentary style.

[via THR]

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Walter Alterdonk

maybe i'm being picky here, but isn't the term 'mockumentary' usually for funny/satirical movies done in documentary style, ie. This is Spinal Tap