Ridley Scott hopes to pair up with his Gladiator screenwriter another time, to teach this world how to make vampire movies awesome again. Together, they'll adapt Jonathan Ainsley's novel The Passage. There's just one problem: it hasn't been released yet.

John Logan will be writing an adaptation of Jonathan Ainsley's vampire novel, The Passage, which won't be out until June of 2010. The book sold its movie rights long before it was ever finished. That's a lot of stock in a movie that could be a critically panned novel, but then again the talent behind this venture are Ridley Scott and Logan — assuming Scott frees up some time to direct this film, although sadly nothing is set in stone.


The book is about the discovery that getting bitten by a certain species of bat is curing terminally ill patients in South America. Then the government steps in with the big secret testing, as they so often do, and creates vampires.

[via Variety]