Ridley Scott Admits Little Orphan Annie Inspired Blade Runner

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Last weekend in Los Angeles, Blade Runner director Ridley Scott and writer Hampton Fancher spoke at a benefit screening of the digitally-remastered film. Special effects artist and blogger Mojo was there, and gives a great recap the evening, including a brief but friendly spat between Scott and Fancher over whether Deckard is a replicant. Apparently Scott always believed Deckard had to be a replicant to enhance the paranoid feeling of the film; Fancher thinks the question has to be left unanswered. But the best part of the evening was when Scott admitted that Blade Runner's dark look was inspired by a very unlikely comic strip.


Scott said:

To popularize Blade Runner, I wanted to make it into a real comic strip; Hampton [Fancher] was always showing me comics, and we talked about it a lot. Little Orphan Annie is dark - Daddy Warbucks is so sinister - it's like Silence Of the Lambs! It's full of terrible things and bodies locked in cupboards… I would look at these drawings, particularly the grey comic strips - [Batman and Superman] were so well done in those days. When we were making Blade Runner, it was always in the back of my mind that we were making a comic strip. You could put Batman in rooms or scenes from the film and it would work… I think Blade Runner is a pretty sophisticated comic strip.


OK, I know Scott is hard at work on a new movie version of Brave New World, but would it be too much to ask for him to do a dark, scary, Silence of the Lambs-esque version of Little Orphan Annie? You know, post-apocalyptic orphans in a corporate future? I would way rather watch that than The Road.

Ridley Scott Compares Blade Runner to Little Orphan Annie [Darth Mojo]

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But then again it's EW.

The EW list would be valid on BR only if focuses on the original cut which was mediocre compared to the hype it had (I am old enough to remember it), but the directors cut made those tweaks that made it a much better movie and has gotten better with time.

I wasn't enamored with JP but more for Speilbergo's annoying kid friendly direction than the actual story.

A lot more movies should have been on that list though. Plenty of SF disasters. Judge Dredd. Alien 3 and 4. Waterworld. The Postman.

Hey io9 overlords! Did you guys ever do a crappiest/ most disappointing SF movies of all time list? Just an idea.