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Ride Around In Your Own Criminal-Built Dalek

Illustration for article titled Ride Around In Your Own Criminal-Built Dalek

The Australian government might have come up with the most brilliant prison plan ever: use hardened criminals to churn out replicas of science fiction props, and then sell them on eBay. Sadly, they aren't using the money to fund the development of robot prison guards — all proceeds are going to charity. The fools. Why not keep that dough and buy yourself a high tech lair?


The Woodford Correctional Center in Queensland, Australia has built a full-sized Dalek replica from Doctor Who that comes complete with wheels, space for an occupant, and an electronic voice changer. Granted, you have to Fred Flintstone the thing around with your feet, but it's a small price to pay. You can pedal this thing down to your local market and shout "EX TER MI NATE!" until you get arrested. Priceless.

Bidding is up to $3000 bucks Australian right now, which is roughly $2700 US, although you'll have to fly down to Australia to pick the thing up, since they wont ship it outside of Oz. You might also want to check and make sure it's passenger-free when you get it, since these same inmates melted the walls at the prison with toasters in 1997 and escaped. Maybe they've incorporated that same wall-melting in the Dalek's beam weapon.


'Doctor Who' Dalek For Sale [Comic Mix]

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So, does each Dalek come with it's own criminal inside? Now that would be punishment/total sweetness! The criminal does time serving as a robot slave and you get to impress the hell out of y our nerd friends.