Ride a space shuttle rocket booster into space, then plunge back to Earth

In this film, taken a couple of years ago from a rocket booster on the space shuttle Discovery, you can see what it's like to blast into space, shooting fire and whirling back into the upper atmosphere.


The action starts heating up at about the 1:30 minute mark, when we blast off and start zooming toward the upper atmosphere. NOVA's David Levin writes:

The film . . . is a space shuttle launch from the perspective of a solid rocket booster, one of the giant white rockets attached to the belly of the shuttle during its ascent. Thanks to a tiny camera and contact microphone attached its frame, you can ride along with it as it sends the shuttle into orbit, then free falls back to earth. There's not much going on visually until the boosters separate at about the two-minute mark—but after that, it's a film even Stanley Kubrick would be proud of.


via NOVA and Amy Berg

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Sound in space & Lens Flare!!!! Eat it HATERS!!!!